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monitor ASA5505 over site 2 site VPN tunnel

Hi,We have a site to site VPN between a checkpoint and a asa5505. Everything is working fine. We would now like to monitor the asa5505 from our monitoring server which is behind the checkpoint.I have configured the snmp community. When I check the lo...

Site to Site VPN

Dear all, i configured site to site VPN bettween my company head office PIX 515E and my company branch ASA 5510, it was working properly, but, suddenly it didn't work any more.i typed debug crypto isakmp 7on each firewall side and outputs are attache...

Cant get EasyVPN with NEM to work

Hi!OK, i have made the following test setup:Im trying to get the following:1. Connection from the HQ PC to the CUST PC2. Cust PC to HQ PCBut my pings keep timeing out!!!!Im using the attached configsId really appreciate some help guys its starting t...

StanDamen by Beginner
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Tunnel issue

Hi,I have setup the tunnel in my test lab and am able to reach peer IP firewall..iskmp is up but ipsec is not working..means i am unable to reach inside network of otherside..config attached..any suggestions/feedbackRegardsSateesh

VPN IPSEC what is mean Find a dup sa in the avl tree

I am working on on VPN ISSUE:I did  a crypto isakmp and ipsec to troubleshoot, i got this:Mar 16 00:46:05 PDT: IPSEC(sa_request): ,                                                                     (key eng. msg.) OUTBOUND local=, re...

dcoulanges by Beginner
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site-to-site VPN with Vlans

Hi,Is it possible to setup site-to-site VPN which will allow 2 intercaes in each location to communicate ?I'm trying to implement QoS for IPPhones and I found that the easiest way is to create VLANs - this way it is easier to create bandwith limits o...

adam by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Easy-VPN using 881W with cisco IP phone

Hi,I have a home office setup using 881W router configured for the Easy VPN at the remote end and ASA firewall as the VPN headend. The VPN is coming up and working properly, I am able to connect the corporate servers from home.When I am connecting th...

sudheer by Beginner
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Resolved! Pix to Pix Easy VPN - Almost there.. Need help :(

I've spent countless hours now trying to implement a Pix to Pix VPN. I thought I would post this in hopes someone could help me.I can get my Pix 501 to open a tunnel to the Pix 506e.  These are both on separate ISPs.I can ping from the Pix 501 consol...

Resolved! Site-to-site VPN using UDP?

Is possible to create a site-to-site VPN when one end is behind a ISP NAT'ed internet connection using a cisco router?Specifically IPSEC can use UDP? So far I only managed to do this using OpenVPN.Regards

nunojpg00 by Beginner
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Failing to connect from Windows to ASA5505 L2TP/IPSEC VPN

I have setup my ASA 5505 to accept remote vpn access usingL2TP/IPSEC. I created the tunnel using the ASDM remote vpn wizard. Unfortunatly it does not work. I've tried to configure both Vista and Windows 7 clients (using preshared key) but all I get i...

mtanneryd by Beginner
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Problem with VPN Split-Tunneling

I am having a problem with VPN Split-Tunneling.I have NO issues with VPN Everything-Through-The-Tunnel.The router is a Cisco 851w running IOS 12.4T (T7) Advance Security Image.The VPN client is Cisco VPN Client ver have split tunneling c...

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