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Dear Friends, I am facing a problem, please help me here. I configured anyconnect VPN on ASA 5508-x.     ASA inside interface ip address is, there is route " route inside" that is the SVI of Vlan 5 in core S...

Posting this here because it's really starting to irk me... We install an internal CA root certificate on our Macs to cover TLS to our VPN headend and internal resources. This cert was generated using step-ca and is an ECC cert. Nothing else really s...

Does anyone know what the best practices are for Identity certificates on the cisco ASA. Specifically if I cut a cert for Remote Access VPN is it ok to use that same cert for the management interface?What is Cisco's recommendation here? Thank You

I'm having a difficult time getting a clients Mac to create a VPN connection to their ISR.It's a pretty basic configuration that worked for a few minutes then suddenly stopped. Goal is to send all traffic from the client to the ISR. Apple has a nice ...

Good day all, when over vpn connecting to my work, i experience drop in my internet throughput. My 100Mbps connection usually gives me around 75Mbps when not over vpn. However over vpn...it fluctuates between15-20Mbps. We do not have any bw control f...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Hello everyone,i have a conflict. Despite the use of IPSec Tunnel in Crypto Map mode, the overhead is not calculated.The IP MTU value for us is 1500.I execute the command:"ping -f -l 1472"that is, I have 28 bytes as overhead.20 bytes "ne...

I am using CML for learning purposes and have created an IPSEC tunnel (see diagram). The ISAKMP SA is in the QM_IDLE state on CE1 and CE2  CE-1#sh crypto isakmp saIPv4 Crypto ISAKMP SAdst src state conn-id status1.1.1.1 QM_IDLE 1009 ACTIVE th...