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hi If i initate interesting traffic the tunnel is not coming up.But when the other side of the tunnel initiate the traffic the tunnel comes up.What could be the possible solution for this?Kishore

I'm running this ios version on vpn 3005:vpn3005-4.0.4.A-k9.binWhat is the upgrade that I need to perform:vpn3005-4.1.7.O-k9.bin ORvpn3005-4.7.2.I-k9.binPlease advise,yanic

Hi,I have setup 2 different VPN client configurations on a PIX 515E 7.0 and although one is working fine, the other fails to connect. The error I get on the debug messages is: %PIX-7-711001Can't find a valid tunnel group, aborting...!Anyone has any i...

I am having problems cconnecting one client to my VPN concentrator. All others are fine. It is a PPTP tunnel. I am logging debug (level 9)for PPP, PPTP and GRE. I can't however completely understand the output. Is there anywhere that the output of th...

chrish by Beginner
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I have followed the instructions on http://cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk583/tk372/technologies_configuration_example09186a00800b07ed.shtmland have been able to establish the VPN and ping through to each host. I am having problems with some of the packets g...

We have a few remote broadband sites using VOIP. Some are terminated by a Pix 501 and some are using an 1811. We have been having voice quality issues. About 1/3 of the calls experience clipping and/or distortion. I have QOS configured using pol...

Hello, i have Cisco RAS5300, and i never have worked on controller E1 befor,i will connect the E1 ports to a PSTN so that people can dialin and connect to the RAS.what do i need to configure? and what is the use of the seial interfaces and if i will ...

xbaha12345 by Beginner
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Hi I have a problem to configure my pix to create a vpn.I want that a person in the USA connect to my server.I want that this is connection are a VPN connection.What i need?(I think a client vpn)How do i create this vpn?(Have you a documentation)Plea...

All,I have a client that is having issues with Outlook 2003 SP2 across a VPN client connection. The users disconnect from Outlook over time and the Exchange log shows them to have exhausted their default MAPI sessions (32). The user cannot connect to...

I am deploying many Cisco 851 routers to various sites, and connecting these back to my network via GRE over IPSEC VPNs. The 851's will have dynamic IPs (as you can see via the config below). I'm also NATing remotely at the 851. Works great. Howe...

kclark by Beginner
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I wish to allow ping through my ASA5520 to inside machine. and tried to permit icmp from my outside machine to my inside machine on both direction and on interface outside and inside. But, it still have me error:%ASA-3-...: Deny inbound icmp src outs...

julxu by Beginner
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I have set up a remote access VPN between a Cisco ASA 5510 and a remote access client. The VPN successfully connects, but no network traffic is able to be passed. I have attached my configuration. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, I have a client VPNing into the corporate network and in the pool 10.10.100.x. Client is using internal DNS servers since they have to access private servers. They are also setup with split tunneling so as to use their own internet conenctio...

aalang by Beginner
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