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Here is my scenario. I have a site-to-site VPN between the Corporate Office (3005 Concentrator) and the remote office (2MBup/down with a Cisco 1712 Router).My issue is that HTTP traffic seems to be taking priority over traffic destined for the Corpor...

Hi,how could i find a best-parctice for encryption aes over gre tunneling?2nd question: why do i need to define the "crypto map ..." statement to all participating network interfaces?regardsFrank

fmasson by Beginner
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Dear All, i have here in my LAN, one Cisco Router 1841 with its default things ( 2 FE , 1 Console Port , 1 AUX Port , 2 Slots Empty ).Now, The First Interface on the Router is have Real- IP and it connected directly to The ISP Router, for Internet Co...

mmtantawi by Beginner
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I need to broadcast a async stream of data (at 19.2kbps 8 bits no parity) from central site to multiple sites at remote. Is there an async multicast feature in the Cisco 38xx and 28xx routers that I can use ?Appreciate suggestions and ideas.Thank yo...

hcgoh by Beginner
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Ok, I'm hoping that someone can help me figure this little problem out. I have an ASA 5510 at the office and am attmepting to use to Sonicwall SOHO3 to create an IKE VPN into the office. Everytime that I go to connect, I get the following errors. I'm...

Hi I was asked to setup a VPN tunnel with partner. The partner on the other side insists on the traffic coming from my side to originate from a specific subnet (that he's given me, private IPs) that is not the same subnet that I use. So to achieve ...

Dear Pros,Please help to solve the following issue.I set the wrong default static route then i can not access the vpn manager.But i can access thro cli.In cli need to remove the static route " 1"Please what syntax to be ...

I'm getting the following errors on the concentrator with a connection from an 870 router:8456 11/04/2006 22:10:34.430 SEV=3 IPSEC/19 RPT=21165 IPSEC ESP bad pad length (255) >= buffer length (48)8457 11/04/2006 22:10:34.430 SEV=3 IPSEC/...

moore.b by Beginner
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This client has worked in the past. I uninstalled the client, checked java was not running, checked all settings in IE.The following errors come up in the app log:Event Type: InformationEvent Source: STCAgentEvent Category: NoneEvent ID: 20Date: 10/...

sposte by Beginner
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Hello All,Good Day,My issue is kinda simple in logic but it's a little bit hard in implementation.My scenario as follows:I've a Cisco PIX 525 and defined with 4 interfaces Inside,Outsie,VPN and DMZ. I located my web and mail servers in the DMZ subnet...

We just started making our Active Directory passwords expire so users have to change them. If the password expires and they try to connect to the vpn they unable to because their passowrd has expired and they need to change it. How can we work around...

p-allen by Beginner
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I have a Pix 501 with easy vpn tunnel to 2 sites. I need to know if I can configure Microsoft VPN or Cisco VPN CLIENT on the pix as well without changing the easy vpn setup?

olicisco1 by Beginner
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I have to establish a site to site VPN using 871 and 1841 routers plz advice me where to start and what configurations to do as i want to allow access to all the ports and servers on both sides.Plz send me the configurations as well as the details at...

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