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Hello Everyone: I have an occasional problem where the link goes down, meaning, pings and any other traffic can no longer traverse the tunnel and the tunnel still shows up as active in the "sh crypto sessions" list. If I manually clear it with a "cle...

Resolved! VPN Certificate

Hello,  I have a pair of 1010 in HA managed by FMC. The version is I would like to setup RA VPN. I do not know if the customer has a CA for the certificate. Could I use a self signed certificate form the FMC?If I use this option I will have ...

I have set up a VPN between a local ASA and Azure. The tunnel is established and I can ping in both directions but that's all I can do. No other traffic is getting passed the ASA. I did a packet trace from a local machine to one in Azure on port 139 ...

Were trying to set up Anyconnect ssl VPN to use certificate auth which is working although the user has to choose the certificate during the connection process rather than an automated process. At the moment Anyconnect prompts during the connection p...

andy_4578 by Level 1
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We have some users complaining about connectivity issues to our VPN gateway, which is running on a mix of Cisco ASA and Firepower running ASA image under vpn load-balancing. Basically, they connect and after some time, they get this reconnecting issu...

in asa there is nat exempt check-mark in vpn configuration on asdm but such check-mark doesnt exist on fmc, how do i enable it on fmc? 

baselzind by Level 6
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Hi,  I have a IPsec IKEv1 VPN setup on the FTD (FMC managed). The internal IPs are to be statically NAT'd to a public IP when going over the VPN but its not working. On Packet tracer it shows it is being NAT'd to the firewall outside interface IP ins...