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Cisco 804 ROMMON Mode Problems

Earlier today, while doing a few very basic configurations to an up and running 804, I suddenly received this console message: Note: IOS boot is disabled, router will boot to TinyROMupon reboot (not recommend for remotely administered routers).Now, ...

rlr685rlr by Beginner
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PPTP VPN problem

Hi, I am configuring a Cisco 3005 VPN concentrator for PPTP vpn for my users. The users are behind a Microsoft ISA 2000 firewall which is doing NAT overloading. The problem is only one user can connect the VPN box at a time. If the second user try to...

Dialer Watch,ISDN link and IRB

Hi tepetal,We have two routers currently running IRB via their serial line (there is actually another router in the middle to bridge). I am thinking of using ISDN to back up this line. However I understand that ISDN does not support IRB. Is it pos...

bsyoung by Beginner
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ipsec and policy routing

hi allis it possible to perform pbr with ipseci mean,i have some trafic from 2 networks (1 remote site)arriving in one ipsec tunnel i would like to send one source trafic to a next hop and the other srce to a different next hopa sample conf or a link...

a.diot by Beginner
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VPN subnet mask problem

I have problems connecting from one ISP becouse they assign IP addresses 10.28.xxx.16/18But the problem is that my VPN (PIX 525) assign an IP address 10.0.xx.2/8. I suppose the VPN should assign IP addresses 10.0.xx.2/32I have subnets on the inside i...

SSL VPN limitation?

Hi all,I have a SSL VPN installation wherein the ssl vpn user cannot open two http resources simultaneously (say, webmail and a webpage from a server). I am using 4.1.5 version. Is there such a limitation with SSL vpn or am I making any mistake in my...

GPRS modem connection to 2620 router

Hello!I have WaveCom GPRS modem I'd like to connect to 2620 router. So, 3 questions appeared:1. How to configure router in order to it says GPRS modem connected to AUX port to start GRPS session. (In ordinary way, i can use AT command to dial *99# or...

isdn terminal adapter

Is it possible to fix a terminal adapter to serial interface of 2500 router?I need to configure this router to accept isdn sessions from the branch office.Thanks,

prathuser by Beginner
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PPPoA without dialer interfaces

Hi all,is it possible to configure PPPoA without using dialer interfaces? I mean, is it possible to associate ppp encapsulation and authentication to a pvc directly without using dialer interfaces?I'm trying to configure oer in a router which isp con...

IPSEC and PPTP on same PIX?

Is this possible? I currently have a IPSEC remote vpn configuration that is working fine.I am now needing to add PPTP support to the PIX 6.3(4).I have followed the Cisco PPTP configuation. I can get the PPTP connection fine, but if I try to ping insi...

ajohnson by Beginner
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Resolved! AS53000 modem-pool question

I have two E1's configured on a AS5300:controller E1 0 clock source line primary pri-group timeslots 1-31!controller E1 1 clock source line secondary 1 pri-group timeslots 1-31!I also have a modem-pool configured:modem-pool dialout pool-range 1-60 ca...

Please help with Outside NAT + VPN problem

Hi,please could someone help me with this problem?I have remote office (RO), connected to headquarter (HQ) through VPN tunnel. On RO is router Cisco1841, on HQ is PIX-515. All trafic from RO is PAT-ed to address before encryption. This wo...

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