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PIX to PIX VPN Errors

We're doing a PIX to PIX VPN using 2 525s. The VPN is working, but we're seeing poor performance (only 2.4mbps) and what I believe are a significant number of errors. Also, I think that there may be a packet size problem as the largest packet that ...

Multiple Subnets behind PIX in network extension mode

I have configured a PIX 501 with IP address in network extension mode to create a VPN to a VPN Concentrator 3020. I have two different subnets behind that firewall ( and Only the traffic from the subnet 192.1...

r.turmes by Beginner
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VPN no longer connecting

We have recently changed our ISP, and have been assigned a new IP address range on the outside of our network. I have a Cisco 3030 concentrator that has 3 connections (public, private and external). I have configured the external port with the new ...

jfarrer by Beginner
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IPsec/L2TP from iPAQ to VPN3000 with certificate

I am trying to set up IPsec/L2TP connection from iPAQ to VPN3000 with certificates. Preshared keys work fine. I install the certificates with crtimprt, both the Root CA and the User cert is there. When I try to connect I get: "Received non-routine No...

mmihalyfi by Beginner
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Which ports for VPN

I have VPN server behind Router (or PIX), I use access-list to security. but I don't know that which ports need to open for VPN client access my network.Can you help me !Thanks and Regards,

Error message during IKE Phase 2

I'm using a PDA with L2TP/IPSec to connect to a VPN 3005 Concentrator. Could anyone point us in the right direction regarding this error message?//--------------------------------------8405 09/14/2004 12:26:41.390 SEV=4 IKE/1 RPT=1 Grou...

msrohman by Beginner
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OSPF on MC-16E

Hi,On our ubr we use MPLS VPN technology. So our physical interface is devided in logical interfaces. In a vrf i would like to run OSPF. But i can't manage to get ospf running on a cable interface. sh ip ospf interface c3/0.2%OSPF: OSPF not enabled o...

schwermie by Beginner
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3DES IPSEC to France

Does anybody know if it is legal for me to make a VPN tunnel from Denmark to France, using 3DES or AES encryption?The only thing I've been able to find on the subject, is this: http://www.tc-forum.org/topicus/ru10tech.htm se under "French Barriers to...

tekha by Participant
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Resolved! VPN 3030 - Load balancing problem

Hi all,I had implemented load balancing on VPN 3030. There had been some issues on this. Firstly, the secondary 3030 has more RAM (512) than the primary (128). The secondary was just purchased one month back with 512 M RAM and latest OS 4.1.7. 1) nor...

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