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Dear community,   after switching the router in our datacenter from a RV180 to RV340 the VPN tunnels won't come up. I get this output from two asas trying to establish the tunnel   IKE MM Initiator FSM error history (struct &0x00007f9794ad6d00) <st...

Isynth by Beginner
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Hi Experts, Is there any way to recover the pre-shared key for the VPN from the ASA configs? ikev1 pre-shared-key ***** ikev2 remote-authentication pre-shared-key ***** ikev2 local-authentication pre-shared-key ***** CF

Hi, I have a customer that has a few bookmarks to their Internal resources within their Clientless VPN portal. The users can access those internal resources through the Clientless VPN however, they are unable to access any dropdown menus, instead som...

Jay47110 by Beginner
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Hello All,Hoping someone might have some information to assist me. I have a ASA 5585-SSP-10 pair running in context mode. It is version 9.8(2).We have a customer who wants to configure dynamic split tunnels. However we cannot complete the configurati...

Hi guys,I've configured a DMVPN (phase 2) with IPSec network and ran the 'show dmvpn' command and got the following output..R1# show dmvpn...Tunnel0, Type:Hub, NHRP Peers:3,  # Ent  Peer NBMA Addr Peer Tunnel Add State  UpDn Tm Attrb ----- ----------...

I was wondering if what the best way to split tunnel to Miscrosoft O365.  When working with split tunnelling in the past, I have had to use the IP address.  The FQDN wouldn't work.  Since Microsoft O365 is a cloud based solution, the number of ip add...

Brian Koch by Beginner
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The cpu % of our vpn firewall started to climb from last week it's constantly hitting 85-87% during peak times I raised a case with cisco they found that "cert-api" was hogging the cpu and hence they asked be add a command. The exact explanation give...

show ssl.PNG
Alfredcfc by Beginner
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Currently have AnyConnect setup working for remote access to internal resources.  Now I'm trying to set it up so that remote access clients have access to a single public ip (say through the tunnel w/o enabling tunnelall. I modified the conf...

mumbles202 by Enthusiast
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Having issues for AnyConnect 4.6.00362 on Windows 10 Pro Version 1803 build 17134.285. It has started within the last week and was working fine before that. It has worked since the latest Windows updates have been installed. What is happening is it w...

MS509 by Beginner
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Hello all, Having an issue that comes up every once in awhile with my AnyConnect Client where I cannot click inside the drop down box and type in a VPN to connect to and then sometimes I can. It seems to come and go without me doing anything (that I ...

NopeRope by Beginner
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Hello all,I configure the Remote VPN with realms. When I try to connect with AnyConnect I take the error "Login error".Below is debug output from ldap  255 and webvpn anyconnect 127: ldap_client_server_add: Add server:, group=4ldap_client_serv...

Hi in FDM, if I want to use a SSL certificate for my WAN interface which is listening for AnyConnect incoming connections, how can I generate a CSR, I have seen some articles to use Open SSL, so if I generate a CSR by installing OpenSSL in my PC, and...

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