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I wanted to confirm if someone can tell me if it is possible for multiple users to use the Cisco VPN client when sharing an internet connection ex. through a D-LINK switch/router?I have been told I have to purchase a PIX 501 in order to do this.Thank...

Please,I have only one public ip address for outside interface , can I create a vpn Pix to Pix? Thanks

dcristoni by Level 1
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I have a PIX 515 and many many VPN clients spread across. They connect using VPN 3.1 and above clients (depending on which OS they have). They all have cable modems and none have been having trouble...UNTIL THIS ONE.She is consistently having trouble...

wraights by Level 1
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I have a non-Cisco gateway using a dynamic IP address trying to connect the a VPN 3005. I have tested it to a PIX and it works. But when it attempts to connect to the 3005 the log saysNo Group found matching for Pre-shared key peer

I have already setup on my PIX 515 a VPN connection that allows user to connect to our network via a cisco VPN client to access network resources.What I want to setup now is another VPN connection that external users can use but would only allow acce...

Hi,Im trying to establish an ipsec vpn connection from cisco 1720 to a checkpoint firewall.Im not able to establish the conn.From the debug message i understand that the quickmode is failing.Im pasting my debug output.Can anyone help me regardign thi...

syamc66 by Level 1
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HiI have set a connection between a Cisco VPN client 3.5.2 with a cisco 3620 with an IOS version 12.2(15)T. I have used NAT-T setting on the VPN client, but there is non NAT discovery in the IKE flow, even if I set "use NAT-T" on the client...I think...

Resolved! PIX VPN and Ping

Hi,I have a strange problem and was wondering if anyone has heard of it before. I have setup 3 site to site links with pix one site works fine but the second remote site with an identical config (changing the ip's etc tho) doesn't seem to work prope...

agoodwin by Level 1
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Ok I have a really weird problem when I have the latest Cisco VPN client installed on my laptop running XP. When I don't have the client installed, I can authenticate to my wireless network using PEAP (the MS version of PEAP). However as soon as I in...

dhickey by Level 1
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