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I have a 3005 Concentrator here at the office that I have in the pre-deployment phase. One of the things that I have been experiencing with this box is some sort of sleep mode that seems to kick in when the box has been inactive for some time...(a d...

duckhuntr by Beginner
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Hello,we are planning to use an 2621 with 8 BRI's as an access router. Between the clients and the access router we want to build ipsec 3des tunnels (without hardware encryption modules). So a max of 16 tunnels will have to be terminated on the 2621....

beens by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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I have to configure VPN with IPSec and 3DES between central router and three remote routers. This is the star topology, not fully meshed and remote offices want to have secure communication between each other. Do I have to create VPN first from one r...

Hi!Our company planning to delploy a corporate network over public internet with Cisco 1720 and 805 with 3DES IOS options in remote offices and Cisco 3660 and PIX 515 in center. Each brance (20 total) will be connected with 64/128Kb channel and 1Mb f...

pavelalex by Beginner
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Can a single internet connection on the Pix support multiple VPN tunnel endpoints to remote offices? In other words, can I connect my pix to a single internet connection using my outside interface, and simultaneously connect several remote VPN office...

We have an extranet VPN based on GRE tunnels. However we have had some issues with GRE terminating properly behind firewalls and are considering a move to straight IPsec tunnels. However is is possible to use L2TP w/ IPsec as a direct site-to-site ...

From what I've been reading in this forum, the Win2000 Client would be ready in March. It's now the second week of March. How can I find out when it's available ? Our Cisco technician does'nt know anything about the availablity. I've seen some po...

dreyburn by Beginner
  • 15 replies
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For cost reasons, we desire to have individual VPN clients on a remote office LAN for connecting to corporate network. For example, if the office has a DSL connection to the Internet, where the (cheap) DSL router is running NAT, only one client can ...

As far as I know, the "new" Cisco Secure Client V1.1 is using the version 2.16XX of the original software (IRE VPN Client), which is not W2k compatible and quit old.I ask the IRE support how to get a new Version (5.x) and they told me that I have to ...

andre by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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How many concurrent remote clients can the box Support ?How much Bandwidth can the Box support ?I'm told that the box supports 1500 concurrent VPN Tunnels - How does this translate into user sessions ?I am trying to understand the capacity of the box...

sblatter by Beginner
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Our office is in the process of getting a DSL line and I wanted to be able to provide work from home services for our sales staff using VPN's. It seems to me that with no more than 3 people at a time using the service a 1720 with the DSL wic and the...

mcastane by Beginner
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Is there any docs that state the PIX sizing needed to support VPNs? I will be having 40-50 users accessing our Intranet via the Internet through Cisco VPN software and authenticating on a Pix. What size of PIX would I need so I don't suffer perform...

mbaker by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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I want to limit what service are allowed in a IPSec tunnel. When I specify the individual ports I get a message saying this will have a performance impact. This is a one interface VPN solution so adding an incoming access-list on the interface is a p...

zchagpar by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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I need help!!!!!!!! I have a 1720 Router, with the memory and VPN card installed. I am in dire need of help to get this thing configured with a VPN for us to be able to get into the internal network from home. I know it can be done, but how. I ha...

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