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Having difficulties bringing up Site to Site Tunnel deployed to AWS using Cisco CSR. Permit inbound TCP 22, UDP 500, and UDP 4500 (with source IP's defined to restrict who/what can hit the appliance). The core issue is that phase 1 doesn't appear to ...

jcr520 by Level 1
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Hi All, Setup an anyconnect vpn which works properly. i.e users get authenticated via AD Server and then vpn connection establish. Now i want to achieve granular access on group-policy base. Example : created two group-policy name noaccess and vpnuse...

Hi All, I'm trying to move from Local authentication to Radius authentication. I put a check mark on the "MSCHAPv2 Capable" but ASA uses PAP to request for authentication with the Radius server. Authentication is rejected because my IAS server requir...

Does the ASA have a mechanism by which we can monitor a VPN tunnel using an SLA/Track to a private IP on the remote side and if the SLA fails, re-reroute traffic via a second VPN configured to a different peer?  A partner has this type of configurati...

dervari by Level 1
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Hi All,Need to set up an anyconnect client Vpn where my users get authorize via using 2FA i.e 1st will be AD then party Innefu token. After these successful check, my machine will be checked for Registry key using ASA Host-scan features and then user...

Please refer topology:R1(g1/0: / 8)<--->(G1/0: / 8)R2(g2/0: / 8)<--->(g2/0: / 8)R3 Please refer configuration:![R1]v15.2crypto isakmp policy 1encr aesauthentication pre-sharegroup 14crypto isakmp key cisco address 0.0....

I am trying to find any document that lists the minimum vpn license count you can order for a Firepower 1010.  I can find plenty of docs listing the ratings of maximum connections per platform, and I can find plenty on concurrent vs total users, apex...

wff68197 by Level 1
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Hello everyone, I am trying to configure backup site to site vpn on same ASA 5506x and I am having below warning.  The protected traffic overlaps with that of the conenction profile x.x.x.x.This can cause traffic initiated from the local network, whi...

Hello Everyone, I am trying to configure backup site to site vpn on Cisco ASA 5506x. Primary is configured to OUTSIDE_1Secondary I am trying to configure on OUTSIDE_2 if any one can help out that would be great. ThanksAnkit

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