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Currently we have a local pool on our Cisco ASA to had out IP's for our VPN users. We would like to have our DHCP server perform this task. This way we have more control over the IP addresses that are given out as well as our DNS entries will be corr...

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Hi Team,I've had the following inquiry posed from a customer: Does Cisco list supported Wi-Fi card/drivers that would be recommended for AnyConnect NAM?I believe the answer is "the list would be far to extensive and ever changing for us to maintain" ...

I'm failing when connecting via AnyConnect (error attached). This started happening after a code upgrade from 7.x to  8.2(5)55 on the ASA 5505. The output on the ASA is below: Oct 26 2015 19:14:01: %ASA-6-725001: Starting SSL handshake with client co...

murraymwps by Level 1
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Hi Team, I'm working with a customer for a roll out of anyconnect into win10 machines. During the tests phases, an issue was found related to DNS Search Suffix.  Customer using Windows 7 machine is able to add their internal domain into DNS suffix se...

aavega by Cisco Employee
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Folks, I've got a use case where on a ASA5520 running 9.17 I need to selectively deploy the version 4.x client to users associated with a specific group policy. So, as far as I can tell although you can have Anyconnect version 3.x and 4.x loaded with...