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Hi guys, I setted up a S2S VPN between an ASA and Azure, but when I run the command : "show crypto ikev1 sa" it returns me "There are no ikev1 sa", and when I try to ping Google DNS to test the connectivity with Internet, it doesn't work. All pings ...

Olddddddd by Beginner
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Hi, We have two hubs and two spokes at each site, two hubs are for redundancy spoke 1 has tunnel 1 and spoke 2 has tunnel 2 and both are connected to both hubs.tunnel 1 has internal apps traffic hosted in hq and tunnel 2 takes branch office ip phones...

Hi Engieer, I have two ASA 5500 devices,and setup a VPN tunnel between J(192.168.0.x) to K(192.168.1.x) sucessfully. I can make a static NAT just like a pravite IP to a public IP at J site. As following: static (inside,outside) tcp A.B.C.D 1433 192.1...

How do I set up Telnet on a switch?  I thought that I had set it up but for some reason it is not working.  Can you give me step by step instructions to set remote access to the switch?

neakins by Beginner
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Hi, I have recently set up a site to site IPSec VPN between two Cisco ASAs. However, I have only been seeing one way traffic on both ASAs - one added complication is that one of the endpoints sits one hop away from the ASA (see attached diagram). W...

Sorry if this has been asked before, I didnt see an answer. I work for a company with 4 large sites and 1 data center.   All traffic is to be encrypted over tunnels when traversing between sites.  This was already built when I came here, however I ju...

Dear All, One of our customer have ASA-5515-x with fire power service. Can you please tell me do we need additional license for IPsec site-to-site and Cisco AnyConnect Plus/Apex vpn. Thanking, Palash

Hi, We have a VPN tunnel between our remote site and HQ. Our HQ external ip address changed and I have changed the connection profile in the remote site ASA to the new HQ ip address but this doesn't bring the tunnel back up. I have attached the co...

I am planning to upgrade the existing IOS Software Version 8.2(5)55 of my ASA5540 acting as  VPN Gateway to 8.4(7) , can I use the existing anyconnect version with new IOS version ?

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