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Resolved! disable telnet, enable SSH

What is the easiest way to disable telnet on the public (T1) interfaces of my routers and enable SSH? Can I do this without setting up access lists?Thanks,Diego

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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DMVPN Hub with two WAN links from one ISP

Hi Everyone, Hope you are fine and doing well, I have a confusion regarding following DMVPN design will it work or not, following is the situation DMVPN hub has two WAN interfaces which are further connected to same ISP and get live IP's from servi...

Setting up a CISCO RV215W VPN

Hello, I am trying to set up a RV215W router to use as a VPN server in my company. The RV215W is installed behind our main router / modem that provides internet connection. I set up a  static IP adress for my VPN server and then forwarded the follow...

rafael.c1 by Beginner
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AnyConnect timeout parameters

Each remote AnyConnect user connects to the same HQ ASA at different times of the day; with the vpn-idle-timeout 1200 and vpn-session-timeout 1200 (20 hours), do all sessions terminate at the same time each day or does each session terminate 20 hours...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Anyconnect to fiber site-to-site VPN destination

I have AnyConnect setup at two locations. There is a fiber point to point between the two locations and they can communicate across it with no issues locally. I want to be able to use AnyConnect to connect to Branch A and then also be able to access ...

nwest0010 by Beginner
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EZVPN - Invalid exchange type 34

Hi! I am trying to set up an remote access server. I followed this instruction: https://aaronwalrath.wordpress.com/2008/07/27/configure-cisco-router-for-remote-access-ipsec-vpn-connections/ I only changed the username an password as well as the ip ...

Resolved! Dynamic VPN Question

I am trying to setup Dynamic VPN site-to-site tunnels to our ASA with a static ip using the correct method from Cisco. We have been doing it for a few years but apparently its not the recommended way. We have been advised to use the DefaultL2LGroup ...

Issue with group drop down on Anyconnect webpage

It seems like this started after we patched the recent vulnerability. Basically if you go to the anyconnect webpage to log in and there are multiple groups in the dropdown no matter which one you select it always changes back to the first one in the ...

bounser01 by Beginner
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VTI configuration

So I'm configuring a VTI tunnel.   The remote site is able to ping my 147.117 which is then natted to  However I cannot ping the remote side.  From my router, I can ping the remote site's tunnel and LAN IP (30.18 and 75.22)  but when I go ...

Connecting from VPN network to client network

Hello- I'm a newbie to ASA firewall configuration and have a question about how to allow access from a server on a network reached via Anyconnect VPN to a server on the VPN client's network.  Would a route be needed to identify the client network to ...

savvcollc by Beginner
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