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Hi,We are testing cert revocation check for our anycoonect SSL vpn employees when they connect via cert only authentication. We pointed the trust point to make crl checks and assigned the url for the location of the CRL file on the CA.cache refresh t...

bern81 by Beginner
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I'm struggling with an issue on our ASA and I'm not sure how to correct it. We have two SFTP sites that our users need to be able to access when connected to the VPN. They are able to access these sites when located physically on site as both SFTP si...

rjkaragrm by Beginner
  • 14 replies
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Hello, Because OKTA returns only one radius attribute, I need to configure a Cisco VPN Anyconnect by:- Authentication with an OKTA Radius server: allow to validate user credentials- Authorization with an ISE server: allows to return several radius at...

cisco.13 by Beginner
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We have set up a VPN tunnel with SAP that has required a NAT translation. The tunnel is up and connected. We are able to ping the SAP side from the firewall directly. However the problem comes when we try to access the site from anything before the f...

rjkaragrm by Beginner
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Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I currently have two sites, Site A and Site B that both sit behind a Meraki and a Cisco FPR1120 Firewall. The Meraki establishes a site to site vpn tunnel between the two. Site A details: inside network

vpn1.PNG vpn2.PNG
Smitster by Beginner
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Hello I am trying to connect to make a VPN connection over an MPLS link but I don´t seem to quite know if I have a mismatch on my side. Any help would be appreciated.This are my configs:!!!Ike v1 Phase 1crypto isakmp policy 15encr aes 256hash shaauth...

sgpn16 by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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Hi    I have anyconnect with users and mgmt tunnel, auto connects is enable on both, I have some users connect to the Mgmt tunnel after they log in instead of the User tunnel. any idea why that happens, please? 

When macs are connecting to cisco any connect and the connection is made, airdrop is not longer possible on the macIs that something that can be changed in the profile or is there no workaround for this,

rossonero by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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The problem is, the current removal/uninstallations of the Cisco Any connect appliance doesn’t work that well and leaves remanence of older packages behind. The package we deploy should remove it via the MSI we deploy with it, but for some reason the...

muthu.m by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Hello, There's an Atlassian Jira instance I occasionally look after.  Users can access it using a clientless webvpn.  This worked fine until we installed a software test app called Zephyr Scale.  When it's enabled, large chunks of the Jira interface ...

pplant by Beginner
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