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Hi, Has anyone had luck with AnyConnect 4.8,macOS Catalina and Yubikey 5 smart card authentication?I know that my cert is good, because I can use it when it is in my key chain, so that is not the issue.I cannot get authentication working if cert is i...

I am attempting to connect to my clients' network via Cisco VPN from my personal Lenovo laptop.  VPN is successful, in that I am properly authenticated, however upon authentication, my clients programs are not loaded on my personal machine.  I am ass...

tim99 by Level 1
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Dears Please help  I am facing site to site VPN With SonicWALL    this error is getting while I initiate the tunnel .  FMC 7.0   and FTD 7.0  Phase: 30Type: VPNSubtype: encryptResult: DROPConfig:Additional Information:Result:input-interface: INSIDE_L...

Hello,I'm trying to configure a VPN server (Cisco FirePower 1100) for Remote Access,using IKEv2 with PSK and LDAP for user authentication.So far I'm was able to correctly set the IKEv2 part,but the problem is that every connection is accepted,without...

I'm getting the error below on the ASA debug when I try to connect a user to the ASA. any idea please ?   Mar 09 2023 14:47:44 : %ASA-7-717029: Identified client certificate within certificate chain. serial number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX...