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Hi Community,I was looking for the solution where i want to use Cisco Jabber as standalone with CUCM & want to integrate with Cisco webEX meetings (on-premise)? Can anyone guide for such type of solution?Does Cisco has a solution similar to Microsoft...

Hi,  I have a customer that presently has Polycom video endpoints and Webex Boards, the endpoints were registered to the EWY-C and the calls are successful, but I have two questions regarding compatibility and license. - Customer calls 1 to 1 but nee...

Webex Teams Calling; When trying to call a room or person and you start typing in the Search or dial field, where is that info being pulled from?  Is there a way to tie it to our Endpoints address book? I see it is pulling from Some AD group somewher...

So we recently upgraded WebEx in our non-producition environment and I have received a new license after generating a license request from WebEx. When trying to install the license file I get the following error every time... "An error occurred while...