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WLC Mobility (Guest Anchor)

Hello. I'm unable to initialize a mobility tunnel between a foreign and anchor WLC in my DMZ. The controllers are separated by a firewall, but I have allowed all traffic between the two devices as well as configured NAT in order to achieve connectivi...

Maximum speed for a Aironet 1240ag WAP

Hello all,  I am trying to figure out why the maximum wireless speed my laptop gets is 11Mbps when connected to the 1240ag WAP.No matter what I change or adjust on the WAP the speed never exceeds 11Mbps.  This speed is not really good for streaming c...

techinneed by Beginner
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Country Code question

friends,I'm not sure how to understand that in detail. There was a issue in a location in swiss. due to a mistake the APs where configured with country code of Germany.They got issues with VoIP.Once we changed that it works better. For me there are n...

Issue with Apple TV

We are having issues with wireless clients accessing wired Apple TV devices. Current environment:WISM2 installled in a Cat6807XL configured for VSS.Sup modules are Sup2TWLC running 8.0110Apple TVs are on wired networkWired VLANs are trunked to WLCWir...

dvlewis by Beginner
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Cisco Mesh WLAN APs as a LAN Bridges

Hi,Can the following Cisco WLAN Access Points act as Bridges between Wired LANs: 1570, 1700, 2700 & 3700 when in MESH mode?? Rather, can two Mesh APs interconnect two Cisco 2960X switches instead of fiber backbone between the Cisco 2960X switches?? 

Resolved! Trap snmp and WLC 8.0

Hi,I'm finding a configuration Guide to ocnfigure Cisco WLC to send SNMP traps to Kiwi Syslog which then converts and forwards the messages through syslog protocol to Palo Alto Networks syslog receiver. The authentication is ok with the radius server...

819 Status lights

Trying to find out about the status lights on a cisco 819 router. Getting a slow green flash SIM light, trying to determine does it mean that SIM card is not working properly or all is good.

how to Isolate Guest without Anchor WLC

Hi My environment have 1 WLC 7.6, and Cisco ISE 1.3, but guest needed to be Isolated.Problem now is even I apply ACL_INTERNET_ONLY. when run the scanning tools still able to discover the network segment. how I can achieve to not allow guest to attemp...

Freemen by Beginner
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