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I have a 5508 currently configured with CCKM for 7925g voip phones.  At another location we installed cisco meraki AP's which do not support this config so I need to transition to 802.1x/windows nps so that all phones can be configured identically an...

At this point the only way that I can access the web console ( to make changes or manage) is to plug directly into the AP.  I've tried plugging into the switch that the AP is connected, and tryied access the console via ip address, and get nothing.  ...

Hi, I have seen that it is possible to stack two 5760 WLC for Active-Standby HA Deployments. However, I was wondering if it is possible to have an Active-Active deployment instead. We currently have one 5760 Controller as Guest Anchor in the DMZ an...

 Hello,Please, we need the right specification to the power injector model for Cisco 1532 series access point. I will appreciate if the part number and picture is sent to me Regards,Ethelbert

I have a 891w router that I have been trying to get up and running for a few weeks now since I am clueless on the AP side of things. I was able to get the ssid to broadcast and it says " limited connectivity " but i am not able to get to the internet...


i want to buy cisco ap 1530 and wlc 2504. now my question is, this wlc 2504 will support cisco ap 1530?

Muhammad0 by Level 1
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Resolved! MSE 5508 Upgrade

Hi I have upgraded my MSE appliance from to  I have successefully copied the file to the appliance and gunzipped the following CISCO-MSE-L-K9-8-0-120-0-64bit.bin.gz and run the following command /opt/installers/CISCO-MSE-L-K9-8-0...