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I have several clients that conect up on 802.11n that are running at 7mbps. Cisco seems to think that it is because the clients are running a single spatial. Why would a client connect to N if it has only one antenna when it could be faster with just...

Hi All,I have a 1552eu AP which doesnt have a possibility to be connected to LAN/WAN connection. Can we convert it to autonomous and use it in Bridge mode or any other option to provide network access to clients.WLC <--FlexConnect-> 1552 AP <--No LAN...

Hi we have two seperate Cisco wireless networks both based around the same infrastructure.Cisco 5508 WLC/s running 7.4.100 Firmware in our datacentre, with AIR-LAP-1142N-E-K9 LAPS distributed at site offices.This infrastructure has been running well ...

Hello. I have some clients who are getting dropped på an AP. I have used the debug client command, can anyone tell what to change on the WLC to make the erros stop. The vWLC is running the newest version, and AP's are 1602i. *apfMsConnTask_6: Oct 07 ...

Just upgrade software on my WLC5508 from to via GUI interface.The upgrade was successfully,I can login to WLC.The other 2 WLC also upgraded to the same version and works.The only issue,for Guest Vlan user didt get IP address and ...

in a room where ceiling mounts may be our only option - and the ceilings are rather high - around 75'  - will the air-ant2524db-r antenna be able to reach the users on the floor.  If not - what antennas should we be considering?

moody by Level 1
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Hello, Can someone tell me the difference btw the AP: AIR-CAP1602I-A-K9   and AIR-SAP1602I-N-K9I am wondering if the 2nd one is manageable thru my WLC as the first one(CAP1602I-A).Tx for your answer.B

I have four new air-lap1142n-e-k9 that I'm attempting to connect to a wireless lan controller 4402.We have about 8 similar devices connected to it since earlier.Connecting them to the wlc isn't a problem, but only the 802.11b/g interface comes up whe...

rdddddddd by Level 1
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Dear All,I am trying to reset the password on WLC and getting error like "Cannot use username or its reverse as a password". Even i tried with the multiple unique UN & PW but still the same error. Any Clue..?

Hello all,I need to perform several wireless mesh site surveys. The challenge I have is that I generally use a 2600 autonomous ap for indoor site surveys. However I have not found an easy way to do an outdoor mesh site survey. Any suggestions or best...

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