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Hi all,Could someone kindly confirm whether we could implement WPA2/AES, 802.1x (EAP-TLS) with CCKM for voice pls?The 7921g deployment guide imply that this could be done.It states that   "As of the 1.3(4) release, the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone...

HiI have just made a setup with a couple of 2504 controllers and varius accespoints (LAP1142, LAP1252)There are an open "guest" ssid with some external web authentication.One of the users have an iphone, if he is near a LAP1142 he are having troble c...

pbuch by Level 1
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I need to increase the AP license for the WCS.   As I  review the process, it looks pretty simply.  However, after uploading the license it says to reboot the WCS.  I don't see any menu selection on the WCS to reboot it.  I could always perform a har...

Is there a way to authenticate a user logging into (telnet/ssh) a lightweight AP using RADIUS or TACACS+?  I know you can set global usernames and passwords, but this customer would like to use ACS to authenticate user access to log into their APs.

AlexZmann by Level 1
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Hello,My boss came to me today asking me why one of the phones he was using went into "Leaving Service Area".  He basically had to reboot the phone.Our infrastructure consists of over 1100 AP's.  These AP's are spread over 3 WLC 5508's running 7.0.22...

latintrpt by Level 1
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I have a lwapp 1130 here and it's no longer associated with the controller.  I issued the clear lwapp private-config, it went through and cleared the config.  Now when I try to issue the lwapp commands to set the ip and such i get ERROR!!! Command is...

brock0150 by Level 1
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Hi ;   I tried PEAP machine and user authentication together with acs 5.3.  But if we are selecting only computer authentication in the client side , we are able to connect without even prompting for the username and password.Is there any way to enfo...

sreejith_r by Level 1
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Can the Flex 7500 control the APs of the 1941w router?  I can't seem to find anything definitive on this but it seems odd that I wouldn't be able to control the LWAPP APs of that router when it is specifically designed for the small, remote branches ...

katakana by Level 1
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config ap primary-base controller_name Cisco_AP [controller_ip_address]Once you config a primary controller to an AP, it would be nice to undo that configuration so that an AP is no longer locked down to a specified list of controllers.Thank,Tony

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