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     Hello,I have a question for you guys. I set up my cisco 861w in order to get access to Internet at home. Everything was good except that I can't tune it in order to work on wireless N. Can you take a look at my attached configuration in order to...

i have successfully been able to configure my 891w router with a wireless network, but even when i allow the SSID to broadcast (Using the GUI option Enable Broadcast), as soon as i save the settings with the SSID broadcast enabled. it goes back to SS...

insertech by Beginner
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Hi FolksHow re-authenticate a WiFi User and prompt him again to enter onother username and Password ,we are using single signomusualy what i been doing is to delete the wireless Profile and add it again in order to put another username and password t...

Ibrahim Jamil by Frequent Contributor
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hi there,how a port in a switch is blocked to avoid network loop? i too wanna know how a root port is chosen ...??     thank u

We're doing an experiment with using Radius to logg users in. It seems to be working fine except for one thing: I can't find how to set defaults for the various settings for the users. E.g. profile name, how long the account should last etc. The loca...

Location services are listed under MESH network unsupported features. There is a short notice only in Release Notes. I can't find any other more technical info about that. Did anybody make some tests? What does the unsupported mean? Is it absolutely ...

My WLSE 1030 hard drive failed and I have replaced it with a new drive but when I boot from the 2.15 recovery CD the disc boots and runs, within the console connection I get the error "ERROR: version information not found in flash" the disc is the ej...

I'm going to install a Cisco Aironet 1310 with AIR-ANT2506 external antennas, someone will have the best practices for the installation of these antennas, considering that they will be installed on metal beams. Do I Need to install two antennas or ju...

HiWe have a WLC4402management interface IP is192.168.0.10 on the192.168.0.0/24 network. VLAN 105Dynamic interface on the network for wired en wifi users VLAN 101 SSIDV101another vlan (106) where RADIUS and other server are.(not...

cnrs-dsi by Beginner
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