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In the General Wireless forum is a topic called: "1250 802.11n Brdiging" where it was suggested that a user bridge with 5ghz Yagi Antennas and then it was mentioned potentially getting a convertor for the rp-tnc so that alternate antennas could be at...

Can someone explain or reffer any document how to integrate Web portal with WLC when some user will access network/internet with unsecured SSID he will get the Web Potal with information..not talking about Lobby Admin Wram Regards

Hi,I had setup wireless using WLC with web authentication via radius server.I am able to manage session timeout via radius attributes but the idle timeout is not working. Can anyone provide me some clue on this?Also, is it possible to inform the user...

tohchinlam by Beginner
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HiWhen a user attempts to connect to a WLCguest access SSID, does the web login page open up automatically?Also is the web login page "https" secure rather than "http" clear textMark

OK,Maybe I missed this, but WCS is selecting the wrong b/g antenna by default and does not contain the exact antenna I have in the pull down menu.I am running with loc 3.1.42 and4.2.173.0 on my wismsThanks,Eric

ericgarnel by Rising star
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Resolved! SSID limitation

I have a client with an existing autonomous wireless network. We are looking at ways to keep the existing SSIDs ( they currently have 18 and this will grow in the future ). They are looking at migrating to an LWAPP solution but we are running into di...

danhosking by Beginner
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I have a project to build a short range link between two buildings about 800-900 meters (half a mile) away from each other using two 1250 in 802.11n mode. the design account for 2 external antennas on each side, 100 ft interconnects & lightning fuse...

Hey Guys,Need help with a 1252 in bridge mode. The 1252's are not re-associating after the non-root is dropped. Previously at the same location, the 1310 bridge would re-associate without issue. Is there a command I'm missing somewhere? Should I up t...

dozinov01 by Beginner
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This may be a straight forward questionWhat is the difference between the location appliane and the mobility services engine?I am assuming there is enhanced functionality in the MSE over the LA however the MSE licensing is considerably more expensive...

wynneit by Beginner
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