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Hi,I have an AP-ME 3802 with firmware 1 AP with firmware have the file AIR-AP3800-K9-ME-8-3-150-0.taronce the .tar file has been downloaded to the AP with the commandarchive download-sw / reload tftp: // <<ip_tftp_server>> / <...

Hello, I setted up a new wifi network with 7 cisco ap 9115AX, and an embedded wireless controller. It seems to work correctly for laptop but some android devices cannot connect to the wifi. When I select the SSID on the Android phone I enter the secr...

Torken by Level 1
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Hi All,I have a WLC-9800 and AIR-AP-3802E-E-K9I configured two VLAN  in WLC ,VLAN 100 For WLC Management and VLAN 200 for AP-Management.VLAN 100 IN Switch Interface Vlan 100 IP address Vlan 200Ip address 192.168...

I am currently using a Cisco 5508 WLC running software version Can anyone tell me whether or not the Cisco Excess - AIR-AP1542I-E-K9 is compatible? 

sramsey by Level 1
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Resolved! C9800L-C

Hi, I can't solve this problem.Currently I configured multiple SSIDs didn't work.Hardware specification is below.WLC : C9800L-C-K9SW : Cisco CatalystAP : C9115AXE-K The symtoms are like these.1. Switches are can receive IP from DHCP pool.2. APs are c...

Hello Team, Recently I decided to use ISE for my guest access instead of using the wireless controller feature. Setting up a guest username and password to be distributed to our guest. I looked online for process and procedures and found many how to'...

troy.hart by Level 1
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I'm stuck between two - the 2504 and the 5508. I know the 5508 will be a larger power hog being full 1u form factor, but I've read it's got a faster backplane and will do 8g simultaneously (vs 1g on the 2504).The 5508 is also more readily available o...

navzintel by Level 1
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Hi,   I'm preparing a solution for Guest WiFi with users to be created on ISE through either sponsor or self service portal.   My question is, will each user or the device they log on from consume ISE base license or any other license type usage.    ...

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