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Resolved! AP'S flapping after OS upgrade

Hi, after upgrading OS to on a SSO pair of 7510's, ca 60 of the AP's landed in some sort of undifinable state and were not managable until pysically power cycled. From the controller i could see that the AP models involved were 27...

Resolved! WLC upgrade query - WS-SVC-WISM2-K9

Hello Looking for some clarification please. I need to upgrade a WLC HA pair and was wondering has anyone incurred any caveats whilst performing such upgrade.   My process will be to download the software to the wlc and then pre-download the image to...


Hi all,    I have been trying to prime an IW3702 UX AP for a week now with every device I have found ( iphone, android, tablets...) but none worked and I had a different error each time. My question is , does this app still work with nowadays devices...

liboucher by Beginner
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ISE 1.2: Airspace ACL vs DACL

Can someone please shed some light here:I have a 5508 WLC & ISE 1.2.   I configured Guest Access through the use of a Sponsor Portal, and got it working.I now want to restrict my Guest users to access the internet only and not the rest of my network....

jacovr by Beginner
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Resolved! Moving wireless controllers to another site

I am planning to move our WLC's (5508) from a branch site to HQ so that all branch site APs will just report centrally in the HQ.There are two WLCs working as Active/Standby. Plan is to move one then the other. Any plans, tips or advise on how I coul...

Resolved! Drawbacks for A Disk clean up

Dears,i have prime infrastructure 2.0 and i need to do the following command on it but i dont what is the drawbacks for this commands(ncs cleanup, ncs db reinitdb ) if used this commands site maps or access point or any reports will be deletes or not...

ip phone 7821 didn't response when i make call and returned back to main display ,also phone doesn't call digits i typed

dear   (ip phone 7821 didn't response when i make call and returned back to main display ,also phone doesn't call digits i typed) i have 2900 router with cme and 25 seat license and cisco 4 port voice interface  fxo and i have 2 primacell devices wit...

Resolved! aironet air-1815W-B-K9 site survey

I have just receive my first air-1815W and wish to perform a site survey tomorrow.  As I have read, I need a console cable to set the AP to site survey mode.   What can I do tomorrow to use the AIR-1815W to test a site or a site survey?

andyfurrer by Beginner
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Two-Headed WLC HA Pair Recovery

If the Primary and Secondary WLC loose all connectivity between each other they will both become active controllers. Due to HSRP also being split at the same time they will both be able to reach the configured DG.  When connectivity is restored betwe...

jmeachum by Beginner
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Resolved! Wireless CCNP and CCNP

Good morning to the gang in here, I have a small question, possibly may be redundant and I extend to the team the sincerest apologies.   I currently have an active, CCNA, Wireless CCNA and CCNP (about to expire in April 2018).   My question is the fo...

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