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I just looked into one of our remote offices in the middle east and see there are 182 rogue APs detected. The users are complaining about frequently getting kicked off. What is the best way to approach the issue? Is it likely that that many rogues co...

Se ha observado que las siguientes pantallas (adjuntas) aparecen cuando se intenta acceder  a la red BEPENSA, se que es un aspecto de seguridad que esta de mas o mal configurado pero no se en donde, tambien me informaron que la red aparece como "SSID...

From what software version can I convert a regular 2500 WLC to an HA SKU device using the following command: #configure redundancy unit secondary. ?Or from the GUI following this route: Controller> General> HA SKU secondary unit> Enable/Disable.I mea...

rraineri by Beginner
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Hi   I have a problem with establish DTLS tunnel between WLC and APs. In my setup I have 2 WLCs. First one (WLC0001) is a primary one and all APs doesn’t have any problem to connect to this controller, second one (WLC0002) is able to connect some APs...

Gunter by Beginner
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Service Request Title: I have a client that wants to add a 128 bit WEP key to a new air-ap1852e-b-k9c10. The only encryption type i see is wpa/wpa2/enterprise. Is there a way to add a WEP key to this unit. The ios version is 8.2.141 cisco mobility ex...

kbula0001 by Beginner
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Hi. We have four 5508 with firmware, and they all reboots suddenly after 81-82 days up-time. It has happend twice on each controller. They were not upgraded at the same time, a few days apart, so they dont reboot at the same time. We cant ...

s.hellman by Beginner
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Hi, Can i have advices on the new model to purchase, in order to replace my 1602 APs ? Currently i'm working with 1120/1140/1600 environment configured as standalones APs, with WDS services Consulting Cisco documentation about EoL of 1600 series, i...

Resolved! WLC 5500

Dears, i have two WLCs that works High Availability (SSO), i configure two WLANs, if the active WLC is down , then the WLANs is down & ip become why do that ?

the customer already have WISM2 in 6509-E core switch , he want to buy 1832 AP , he ask if WISM2 will support wave 2 technology or not and he need to upgrade the software or not ?

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