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Hi everyone, Does anyone know of some tool to measure the MOS (mean opinion score) for Lync voice services? I know AirMagnet can measure it but I don´t have any laptop or tablet with AirMagnet installed. Thanks.

antonma2 by Cisco Employee
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Hi, I can't enable the 5Ghz radio on the AP AIR-AP2702I-UXK9, can't configure on root, can i change the -UX domain to another where i can use the 5GHz radio ?  Also i'm getting a extreme low speed performance on 802.11ng clients. ap(config-if)#stati...

Hi, I haven't encountered this problem before. On my WLC 2504 I've tried now software versions, and (as per recommendation from other supportforum-posts), but still get this debug error when I'm trying to join ap models ...

I am a contractor for a company, that has upgraded their access point to a newer model, and they want to factory default their old AP's before donating them to a local school district. (Around 300 to 400 Access Points) What is the easiest way to do t...

Guest user is not able to login. I am using LWA using ISE. WLC 2112 with version, Cisco ISE 2.x Client is getting the webauth page (Which is in WLC itself) but failing with error  username/password invalid. WLC logs: (WLC1) >debug client 3...

ittechk4u1 by Enthusiast
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Hi, I've found interesting issue when a client tries to connect to wireless system. Here are the devices: -. Cisco WLC 5520 running 8.2 code -. AP 3802I -. Laptop as a client (f4:8c:50:2b:c6:2c) The SSID A is configured as below: -. Flexconnect loca...

Arie -- by Beginner
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Hi there, When i try so do a "snmpwalk -v2c -c community  ip_address" it always gives me "SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr.0 = No more variables left in this MIB View (It is past the end of the MIB tree)". Even if i put some OID in front it gives me that. Than...

Hi Would like to check if there are users complaining slow when accessing wireless, AP3602i and WLC5508, any bandwitdh tool from Cisco can useto really identify that the problem is with the WLC or merely the wireless traffic problem? Or any other pl...

Ken Le by Beginner
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Hello, i got stuck with the problem updating software on AP 1832 Mobility Express from 8.2.130 to 8.2.151. I have network with 4 access point, all AP have  mobility express image. I tried to perform update via TFTP. In the result i have updated only...

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