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Hi. I have this log prompt in the console constantly in the GSR XR 12410. I have a weird behavior randomly in the traffic in some interfaces.RP/0/8/CPU0:Nov 1 17:25:27.460 : mbus_flash_driver[281]: mbus_flash_f3s_write_v2 failed to write any bytes, r...

ASR9K Netflow Capacity

Hi.Anyone knows the ASR9K netflow capacity?I am thinking of this as replacement for 7600 as border routers with netflow enabled.7600s has a limit of 250K flows and has issues on netflow tcam overflow.I want to know if this limitation is resolved in A...

ar by Beginner
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CRS-3 environmental monitoring

                   Concerning the environmental monitoring of a CRS-3 8-slot router, I would like to ask you if there is a way that you can graph temperature values or voltage values like in Cisco 7609 with CISCO-ENVMON-MIB. Are there any other envir...

vilia by Beginner
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SNMP Problem on CRS1 ios xr4.1.2

Dear all, I got a problem on CRS4.1.2, we already upgrade it from 3.9.2 and then cacti server receive log that can reach SNMP on CRS1.When using 3.9.2, cacti has no problem, and then on 4.1.2 cacti only able to generate report on some interface, and ...

ASR9K CGN very low speed

Dear all,I am testing  ASR9K CGN. Although most applications are working fine, browsing is way  below expected...an alarming 3Mb download on a Gigabit port.My test set up is as follows: pc--PE--CGN(vrf inside)--CGN(outside)--PE(global)--MPLS cloud--I...