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BGP Flowspec scale and performance

Good Day!Up to 3000 simple rules are supported on ASR9000 per line card using the TCAM. Does it mean that if I have 4 line cards, it is possible to support 12000 rules per ASR9000? Of course each 3000 flows should be distributed through available 4xl...

Resolved! NCS5500 refuses to upgrade

We are attempting to upgrade several NCS-5500 Routers from 6.5.3 to 7.3.2. During testing, we have run into continuous error, the most common of which is that the system is out of space. It seems to reference an "install:" partition as the culprit, e...

A9K-MOD400-SE slot 7 is inactive

how i resolve this problem : A9K-MOD400-SE slot 7 is inactiveRP/0/RSP0/CPU0:PE-A9K-Ouardia#show platformTue Oct 4 12:53:40.637 UTCNode Type State Config state--------------------------------------------------------------------------------0/RSP0/CPU0 ...

Resolved! CISCO 4321 NOT BOOTING

Hi all I accidentally did a factory reset to my ISR4321 Now i boot from usb the new OS - 17.3 and copy to flash and even i do this command - boot system flash bootflash:isr4300-universalk9.17.03.05.SPA.bin  and wr mem Of course I checked that I have ...

tomerb by Beginner
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NCS 5500 will not upgrade

We are continuously encountering this error while attempting to upgrade a NCS5500 from 7.0.2 to 7.3.2. The error presents as follows:May 03 16:16:52 Install operation 95 by root: install add source /harddisk:/ NCS5500-iosxr-k9-7.3.2.tar May 03 16:...

Resolved! A9K MOD80 Cannot Power up

HI ExpertsI am meeting a strange issue of ASR9K MOD80. This MOD80 Card cannot power up, and always output log as below: shelfmgr[385]: %PLATFORM-SHELFMGR-6-NODE_STATE_CHANGE : 0/1/CPU0 A9K-MOD80-SE state:MBI-RUNNING shelfmgr[385]: %PLATFORM-SHELFMGR...

Rps-Cheers by VIP Collaborator
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Resolved! ASR9K SNMP OID Changes

Hi all.We monitor an ASR9K BFD and ISIS status using snmp. The issue is that each time the BFD or ISIS session drops and comes up, then the OID changes.For BFD we use the ciscoBfdSessEntry, and for ISIS we use the isisISAdjState.This is the snmp conf...

IBEngTeam by Beginner
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