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OSPF Setup on L3 switches and firewall?

Hello, So i'm doing an assignment and i'm interested in doing a routing setup with OSPF on my Layer 3 switches.I would want to have my layer 3 switches route all the traffic that's supposed to go outside to the closest firewall interface.However i am...

thom784e by Beginner
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[録画公開] 10/4 開催 Webex セキュリティ設定の概要と動作解説

プレゼンテーション資料  イベント概要 Q&A [セッション概要]本セッションでは、Webex をご利用いただくにあたって実施するセキュリティ関連の設定について、概要並びにその動作を解説します。Webex 会議の主催者および Webex 管理者、その関連業務に従事している方を対象としています。

Eri Mizuno by Community Manager
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Unable to access the subnet endpoints

Hi all,I have setup a BD/Subnet/EPG/etc in the ACI environment. I have performed a BGP based L3out to a router as well. From the router, I am able to access only the gateway of the subnet and not other endpoints in the subnet. I have verified the sta...

sridcloud by Beginner
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Cisco serial console periodically ssends @ character

Hello comunity,I have problem witch Cisco serial console on awitch 9200L. I am connecting from Debian 12 with gnome. When I login to cisco via serial console with usb-serial reduction, the console start automatically entering this charecter "@" like ...

Duo enroll user Rest Api Call java

I want to enroll the user for duo authentication while I create a new user in my application. Is there any java client available which can be used for enrolling the user to DUO

Internet up down

hello every one hope all doing well .i have core switch's cbs350 stack and access switch's cisco 2960  , core switch connect with FortiGate 601f  firewall before stacking primary switch work properly when stack configure and connect access Switch's w...

Nexus 9000 シリーズ : IP Redirect triggered のメッセージが出力される

2023年10月4日 (初版) TAC SR Collection主な問題 Nexus 9000 シリーズで、以下のメッセージが表示されることがあることが報告されております。IP Redirect triggered on interface XXX Source: <ip_address> Destination: <ip_address>IPv6 Redirect trigerred on interface XXX Source: <ipv6_address> Destination...

Duo authentication failing on Debian 11

I've ran into this a few times now and have followed the installation instructions, but it still happens: root@gateway:/var/log# cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config # $OpenBSD: sshd_config,v 1.103 2018/04/09 20:41:22 tj Exp $ # This is the sshd server system-...

chown by Beginner
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IPsec Tunnel issue between Cisco ASA- FTD1120 frequently

Hi Team,We are facing the issue between Ipsec tunnel between 2 sites, tunnels went down frequently everyday after 1-2 hours. Site A has : ASA5516 Site B has : FTD 1120.issue: both the phases shows down, once I regenerated the traffic from site B then...

adity by Beginner
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