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GUI - https - WLC 9800 local Autentication when ISE Fail

Hi every one, I have tipical aaa for login, enable and commnads. It´s applied to interfaces VTY and Console and Its work finewhen ISE fail I can login with local user, the config is right:aaa authentication login LOGIN group Tacacs localaaa authoriza...

lacemi by Level 1
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Cisco Switch not detecting Access Point

 I have a Ruckus AP model H320 (Mac: 7047.7726.67b0) connected directly to my Cisco Catalyst 2960 > Port Gi0/5But due to some reason the switch does not detect the Access point.================================================SW-R506#show mac address-...

BGH by Level 1
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[質問受付開始!] Ask Me Anything - 6/19 Wireless TAC Time フォローアップフォーラム

6/12(水)より質問を受付開始!Ask Me Anything フォーラム 2024/6/12(水)~ 2024/6/30(日)このフォーラムは、6/19(水) 開催のシスコ コミュニティライブ Wireless TAC Time - 今すぐ現場に効く Tips 紹介 - のフォローアップイベントです。このウェビナーの内容についてのご質問は、開始日の 2024 年 6 月 12 日(水)より 2024 年 6 月 30 日(日)までに投稿いただけます。ご質問できる対象範囲については下記をご確認...

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Eri Mizuno by Community Manager
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Cisco access point support

Im using cisco aironet 2800 access point, but nowadays its frequently restarting.  Suddenly blue light become green steady light and its starting blinking, then all indications are complete blank then again green comes and turn to blue and started wo...

Random APs won't join 9800-80 running 17.9.5

After upgrading 9800-80 to 17.9.5, random 9130s won't join and produce the following errors:Jun 12 01:55:00 kernel: [*06/12/2024 01:55:00.0113] CAPWAP State: DTLS SetupJun 12 01:55:00 kernel: [*06/12/2024 01:55:00.0592] dtls_verify_server_cert: Contr...

netdipace by Level 1
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Should a BPDU on VLAN 1 instance always be sent in PVST+ ?

Hi.I have some issue understanding the exact operation of PVST+ especially about transmission of BPDUs on VLAN 1.Does a PVST+ switch always send BPDUs on VLAN 1 even if the port is not set for the VLAN 1? The following articles say that VLAN 1 is use...

WLC 5520 Flexconnect AP with EoGRE

on a 5520 WLC v8.10.183 We have been able to get a Flexconnect AP to build a EoGRE tunnel and put clients on it.We have also been able to get a Flexconnect AP to drop client onto a Local VLAN as well. We would like to configure one WLAN on the Flexco...

RSN ERROR: Received a data frame when no keys are plumbed

 All access points (APs) under my C9800-80 controller are operating in local mode. I have two different SSIDs: one with WPA2 Enterprise and the other with open (central web authentication with ISE). There doesn’t appear to be a general issue, everyth...

pengus by Level 1
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Protect RA VPN from Brute force Attack

Hi all,   Now we are using RA VPN in Different firewall ,Will enable RA VPN In FTD manage by FMC  Flow -External user -Permitter firewall FTD -RA VPN firewall FTD - AAA-Cisco ISE -Mostly Authentication -Certificate + OTP  Now our main concern is how ...

Wireless AP connectivity

Hello Everyone,I am having issues in one of my remote location where all the cisco APs access point will suddenly disconnect from the controller and after a while all the AP will connect back.Pls i need assistance to resolve this issue.RegardsPaul 

SOLID by Level 1
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Cisco AIRAP1572

I have two Cisco AIRAP1572 APs that do not want to go over a distance of more than 700-800 meters.One plays the role of root bridge and the other non-root bridge. I use only one antenna out of 4 of the AIR-ANT5114P-N type, would it be advisable to us...