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I am new to DNA Center and I noticed in the documentation reference is made to Wired and Wireless access but no mention of VPN/Remote Access.   Is there a technical reason that VPN/Remote Access is not included or is the support slated for the future...

We have DNA lab with various use cases. We now want to train other engineers and let them play around with the lab. Can all the fabric configurations be restored using APIs ? It will be great if we can orchestrate the complete final working state of ...

umahar by Cisco Employee
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Hello, If i wanted to connect a high-speed end-system to the fabric, for example, using a 40GE Access port, what are my options ? 1) Do i need to use 2x 9300 in stack with a 2x dual 40GE network modules ? (2 links for uplink to Fabric and two links f...

gnijs by Level 4
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Hello Community, I am new to Digital Network Architecture technology and I have a couple of questions:What are the protocols that interact between fabric devices / ISE / DNA Center?Can you run DNA Center on VM?Thank you for your reply- John

I have a problem with ordering WLCs licenses in SD-access. Is it necessary to order cisco prime in sd-access structure for wireless? If yes, why? doesnt DNA center monitor and manage wireless controllers? If no, why does DNA advantage for WLCs includ...

Hello,  partner supporting Federal here.  Cisco released several 1-year DNA skus for Fed.  C9407-1A, C9300-24P-1E, etc.  Customer is not looking to deploy DNA anytime soon due to compliance, architectural standards etc.  From reading the licensing mo...

rcampo by Level 1
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This is more an architectural discussion:   Assume a VN as part of a SDA fabric should be extented from the campus to a small branch location which is connected by a SP using MPLS and Internet links. The SP will provide application based routing on t...

The hardware SKUs for the 9300s (will use a 48p PoE switch as an example) seem to be the same from a cost perspective. For example, a C9300-48P-A is the same list price as a C9300-48P-E.However, the E model hardware is limited in CCW by the licensing...