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Unity Connection Dispatch Messages via the REST API

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Created by: Anil Verma on 21-08-2012 01:16:29 PM
What are Dispatch Messages?
Dispatch Messages are messages that are send to a distribution list, configured such that only one user in the group needs to act on the message. When listening to a dispatch message, users are given the option to accept, postpone, or decline the message.

Dispatch messaging is useful in situations where a team is available to respond to issues, but only one member of the team needs to respond. For example, an IT department may want to set up a call handler to take messages from employees who need assistance, and then send the messages as dispatch messages to a distribution list comprised of IT department staff. All of the members of the distribution list receive a copy of each message. Team members can then decide whether to accept or decline a message; declined messages are then picked up by other team members.

How to setup Dispatch Messages via the REST API ?

Yes this can be done by using the CUPI API to set the flags on the Call Handler or Interview Handler.

How can Users Consume Dispatch Messages?
The phone interface is the only supported interface for dispatch messages that come pre built with Cisco Unity Connection.

Customers can create Cisco Unity Connection Messaging Interface (CUMI) clients that can consume the dispatch messages. For more details refers here -—_Dispatch_Message_Operations

Dispatch Messaging Limitations and Behavioral Notes[/b]

Links for more information -
Setting up Unity Connection 8.x Server for Dispatch Messages -
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Training Video about setting up dispatch Messaging -

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