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vCenter server lost

Hi!I have been testing Nexus 1000V in various lab environments and have come up with several interesting notes. I will post all of them starting with this one;What happens, if you lose your vCenter server? This happened to me and I am wondering, how ...

Aki1 by Beginner
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Nexus 1000V and Cisco SMB switch(es)

Another interesting note from Nexus 1000V.This is kind of continuation from previous message...Once we had our Nexus 1000V system up and running, we started to enable VMs inside the system. Previously all ESX hosts were connected to Cisco 2960 switch...

Aki1 by Beginner
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VM has no network connectivity

Hi,I had VSM & VEM setup running, but VM running on VEM have no network connectivity.There are two vmnics on VEM, vmnic0 and vmnic1.vmnic1 is assigned port-profile system-uplink and Virtual NIC on VM is assigned port-profile vmdata103.What could be t...

ip flow error....

Hi,i`ve configured NetFlow like this: if i try to assign the flow monitor i got the following error on the interf...

thorstenn by Enthusiast
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I have a small lab running and have been having some problems implementing PVLANS on the N1k.  The lab is fairly small with two ESXi hosts connected to two 6500's.  Each ESXi host is connected to a single 6500 and the two 6500's are trunked.  The Sys...

"the resource vim.dvs.distributedvirtualport 100 is in use." Try to revert an ESX host to Enterprise from Ent Plus Licensing

I setup an Enterprise Plus demo license on one of my ESX host so I could use the Nexus 1000 demo.  The Ent Plus license has expired and I am trying to revert that host back to standard Enterprise licensing.  When I try to revert the host I get the er...

leglenn by Cisco Employee
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VEM not coming up

Hi all,have a little problem. I want to test the nexus 1000v and have installed the VSM and it works fine.I`ve createt three virtual machine port groups in the vcenter (Control Vlan 51, Packet Vlan 52 and Mgmt Vlan 1) . The default Network on the vsw...

thorstenn by Enthusiast
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QoS for Dos attacks

Hi,I have a policy-map with class-map classifies Dos attack traffic and I have defined service-policy as follows.example : police cir 20000 bps conform transmit  violate dropWhat values should I use for CIR or PIR? How could I calculate these values ...