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I purchased 2 CP-7841 phones, I'm trying to set them up to use with my VOIP provider, the phones asking for Activation code or domain, what do I enter to make the phone usable?

CUCM User Config - difference between CTI Controlled Profiles and Controlled Profiles

Hi,In the CUCM end user configuration page in the Device Information section you can associate Extension Mobility profiles with the user in the CTI Controlled Device Profiles box.In the Extension Mobility section you can also associate Extension Mobi...

8851 Expansion Modules Issue

Hi, We've purchased a 8851 with 2 expansion modules. The modules have been attached to the phone. In call manager 9.1 I can see the 2 BEKEM Expansion Modules showing on the Phone. I've created the Phone button Template and assigned to the phone - set...

Resolved! CUCM 10.5 vmware tools

I have recently upgraded from 9.1.2 to 10.5.  Everything went fine with the exception of vmware tools.  VCenter shows that vmware tools are installed, but out of date.  When I do utils vmtools refresh it tells me that no vmware tools are installed on...

Is there any Way - to View Call History of a Phone via SelfCare Portal on CUCM ? If Not What are the Other Ways ?? Pls Suggest !!!

Hi Team, I would need a Assistance on Phone History (Dialled Number + Received Calls + Missed Calls) to be viewed over any Web-Portal in CUCM (maybe SelfCare Portal) If its not Feasible to view it with SelfCare - what would be the Other Solution - Pl...