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    i am looking for the easy button for exporting all device configs with the passwords,com strings etc. obscured      i have gone through once manually scrubbing them i really dont want to do that again      Any help would be appreciated

kdmccully by Beginner
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Hello all:Does anyone know the user name for the following database in LMS? I don't think it lets you put a user name during install...I was able to find three of them on this forum.ani = ?cmf = ?dfmEpm = ?dfmFh = ?dfmInv = ?ipm = DBArmeng = DBAupm =...

yseelall by Beginner
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Not Sure if this is the right place to post this... I have been trying to integrate the my cisco 1841 router with my websense server.I have been fairly succesful at it whereby the "http" request are getting looked up for in the Websense Server before...

Hello,A new install of LMS 4.0 is showing the following error(s) in various parts of the UI:1. JRM server is down  or inaccessible for this user (Admin > System)2. Error in communicating with DCR Server. (Inventory > Add/Import/Manage Devices)3. Self...

Hi,All my eem applets typically recieve access denied at some point within the script.  An example is the sendtech to email script.  I'll get an email, but the showtech will not be attached.  Looking at the showtech file I'll see access-denied for th...

HI all,I just install LMS 3.2 trial version and its working fine.I had done every thing and now I just want if there any IP Conflict in my network(if any user configure same IP as other configure) immediatly I will get anEMAIL notification.Can any on...

Resolved! LMS4 CCM7 Support?

Hello,Cant do IP Phone Acquisation with LMS4 and uptodate device packages, because the Callmanager seams not to be supported in CM:IP AddressHost NameDevice NameDevice TypeNeighbors1.10.0.x.ycmtest1.dsad.decmtest1. is suppor...