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I'm trying to login to my cisco 2621XM router.  I'm using putty and I can't remember the how to cable it or the settings to use in putty.  I don't have a db9 input on my pc, so I need to go through my NIC.  Please let me know what type of cable to us...

I want to recover the name of the SNMP VRF on my router CISCO 7206VXR-NPE-G2. IOS : (C7200P-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M) Version 12.4(24)T We have no access to get information about the OID (nzme of VRF)Do you have a solution to get it?...

When trying to launch the CWA server setup workflow, the following error comes after taking a long time saying Collecting existing server information. Please wait.. -CWA0: Could not fetch the error message from the database.CWA database engine may no...