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Unable to Boot Cisco 3850

Hi,I tried to upgrade my cisco switch IOS version from 3.06.06 to 16.03.06 while doing so, i am facing issues in installing the IOS. Even switch is not booting now. Below are the commands available and attempts i made to install the IOS. Please help ...

Mahiv by Beginner
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UDP did not work for 48hours on ISP

During the past week, I had a client that observed UDP traffic inbound/outbound beyond the router stop working. It appears all IPsec tunnels went down 10 different remote location with 10 different remote providers, VoIP to the cloud based servicesto...

romanroma by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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How to put Z3s into a subgroup?

Greetings community people,I was wondering if there is a way to put a group of Z3s under their own subgroup rather than having to list every single one under a admin's authority. There are too many to list and the UI wigs out so instead I'd like to c...

Kaz769 by Beginner
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TACACS Configuration on Cisco ISE

Hello,  I've got a question regarding TACACS configuration on Cisco ISE. There's a group of network devices that consists of approximately twenty access switches and the group of local admins (all of them are authenticated with AD account). My goal i...

lnw-team by Beginner
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Resolved! Switch boot crush?

Hello, I tried to reset 1copper + 1 fiber switch. (Cisco 3750X series)Those are stacked, but after I reset the switches, I got stacking issue.It seems that copper switch booted fine, but not sure for the fiber switch.When I connect to serial port, I ...

eeebbunee by Beginner
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Cannot SSH into switch from PC

I have a 4506 switch that I am having difficulties connecting to.  My end-user traffic is passing through just fine.  If I'm on another switch in my environment I can SSH into this switch.  I can ping the management IP from any other switch in my env...

cloksin by Beginner
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Resolved! Packet Tracer – Create a Simple Network Using Packet Tracer (errors)

Hello, I'm new to Packet Tracer and trying to set up a simple network (Packet Tracer – Create a Simple Network Using Packet Tracer). I got the following messages on my command prompts: Packet Tracer PC :   Packet Tracer PC Command Line 1.0  C:\>ipcon...