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Where download MIB file or .my ?

Hi!i want download a .mib or .my file for this specific switch and router • Switch IE-3400-8T2S-E : release IOS-XE 17.3.3• Switch IE-4000-8T4G-E , Switch IE-5000-12S12P-10G : release IOS 15.2.8E• Router IR1101 : release IOS-XE 17.3.3 Where can I find...

Configuring QoS for Cisco 3750,3850 and 9300 models breaks dhcp and port-channel link connections

This is our current configuration we are trying to deploy on our Edges.Edge configuration:ip arp inspection vlan $vlansip dhcp snooping vlan $vlansip dhcp snoopingip igmp snooping interface port-channel $port-channelip dhcp snooping trustip arp inspe...

Resolved! Cisco Prime 3.9 Oracle patch

Hi guys,I have recently upgraded Cisco PI from 3.8 to 3.9 and getting a pop-up message "Cisco Prime 3.9 Mandatory Oracle Patch is not installed. Please install the patch for the latest Oracle update. You may contact your System Administrator for furt...