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I'm looking at trying to write a compliance check with a couple dependencies. I seem to be going around in circles with this.I want to write it so there is a prerequisite at the global level which then determines if it should walk the interfaces. The...

Hi,I have all my devices added but can not get any into IPM.Could any one point me to a process or document to follow.Is there something that has to be enabled on routers etc before you can devives to IPM.Many thanks

Ian Beck by Beginner
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Hi,I am about to deploy QPM 4.1 for a customer in a Windows environment where all the various NMS usually have two network cards in two different networks - one NIC to manage the server application with, and one NIC in the network device loopback man...

Attempting to add banner via NetConfig in CiscoWorks. Keep getting: ERROR:RME_CDL1031: transport session to device failed for input string "NoSuchInstance". Does this mean there is an unknown character or space somewhere in the banner...this banner c...

vwolgel12 by Beginner
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Resolved! CWNCM

I want to know if the CWNCM is a separate sofware, not included in CWLMS3.1and if is true that Network Compliance Manager can manage devices of thrid parties, such as Huawai, Juniper, 3COM.Thanks!best regadrs, Jorgelina

I have reinstalled LMS3.1 and trying to restore data. Data is stored in D:\xx\automaticbackup\cmfbackup\0 during LMS 3.2 upgrade. Since I had problem with LMS3.2, I am going back to 3.1 for now.I used commandD:\Program Files\CSCOpx\bin>perl restoreba...

msalim by Beginner
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I have recently installed Cisco C-Class enclosures with Cisco 3120 switches in them.I'm getting tons of interface up/down syslog messages and I'm not able to stop them:Sep 1 12:49:58.402: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface GigabitEthern...

nawas by Enthusiast
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