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Netflow - IWAN Setup

Hi,Good morning !! Would someone help me to clarify the questions below ? Thank you... My understanding is that the traffic on underlay would match the sum of traffic going via overlay. But when i analyzed the Netflow report in SolarWinds, it is not ...

Resolved! QoS info and conf

Hello guys,I want to ask you for help and advice regarding the QoS on private network (intranet). I have a modem form ISP connected ti my cisco router 2611xm that is connected to my switch 2950T and from there from port1(lan1 100mb/s)is connected a a...

7206 Router with VTI Tunnel setup to Remote VPN and BGP Connection but traffic not routing through tunnel

I have a Cisco 7206 router that I am using as an end point for a VTI tunnel over an ipsec VPN. The VPN comes up and I am able to setup a tunnel from my end to the remote end. I am also able to establish a BGP session through the tunnel to the far end...

bjr35 by Beginner
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Port Forwarding

I wanted to set up a small home-server (with When I try to forward the ports, so that I can access the server from "outside" of my local area network, the searched ports appear in the "UPnP Port Forwarding Table". But they're still not...

Cisco ISR 4461 Smart Licensing

Hello All,I am having trouble getting my smart licensing to work on my Cisco Router. I am testing my configuration in my lab. We have a Cisco Satellite Server set up and I can ping from the Router to the Satellite Server.  I keep getting "Failure Rea...

TW80CJ5 by Participant
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CISCO ASA 5508-X FirePOWER Confusion

Hello All, I am trying to configure a new ASA 5508-X. I am running ASA 9.8, ASDM 7.8, and the FirePOWER version is 6.2. All came pre-installed and licensed.  I am trying to manage the FirePOWER via ASDM, I do not have a Management Center. When I conn...

vintmaggs by Beginner
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Cisco Prime Template import

Hello everyone!Maybe someone can help me.we did use prime infrastructure 3.1 and exported all Features & Technologies templates (my templates).Because of an environment change we are now running prime version 3.8 and we are not able to import these t...

diets by Beginner
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Prime Composite Template Issue

Hi,   I have a serious problem with compsite templates in Cisco Prime Infrastructure V3.3 and V3.4. I have created some feature templates (wireless controller) and want to add these templates to a composite template.   When I try to add the individua...