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How critical is an event message "InsufficientFreeMemory"? It is on several 2950 and, I think 2960 switches. it says 8.07 % is free. What can/should I delete to free more memory without bricking the switch?Thanks in advance!

davepeat2 by Beginner
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Hello all,with implementing HUM in our CW2000-Systems I discovered a problem with adding/deleting new discovered Devices (DCR).It seems not to be possible to automatically add/delete devices from HUM-Polling, Threshold-Mgmt and Report-Mgmt.Even if de...

HiMy LMS server reboots every 8 days with the following error in the event log : "system has experienced unexpected shutdown".Minidump file involving afd.sys and sm_server.exe is generated (file attached)Any idea of what could cause the problem ?Than...

cminard by Beginner
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Could anyone tell me if the WS-C6509 is manageable via the Cisco Network Assistant.By default, I cannot add this to any Community, though it is viewable as a device in CNA. I thought maybe an IOS upgrade? (boot system flash disk0:s222-advipservicesk9...

I have 1800 series router. I need some assistance to download the IOS image from the Cisco website. Under download we have the option 1811 and 1812 Integrated Service router. Which image should I select? Is it under 1811 or 1812? Shoe version output ...

avilt by Participant
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Resolved! LMS 3.0 Monitoring

Hi All, Can someone confirm if lms 3.0 can monitor servers(win2003)? I dont know how to explain this to our client that as far as i know, LMS is not design for this..Please correct me if im wrong..Thanks,reymon

Mhon Baul by Beginner
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