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When I open DFM Device Selector I get the following error. An exception has occurred. Please check the DCRAdapter.log file. I am trying to Check off "Synchronize with Device Credential Repository". I don't know why it is unchecked. Going through ...

sullim01 by Enthusiast
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I did local upgrade from LMS 3.0.1 to 3.1 on a standalone windows server several times yesterday. Although the installation wizard finished successfully without any warnings or errors, there always was java errors when I launched Topology Services in...

rwang by Beginner
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Our client has Ciscoworks LMS 3.0 with Campus Manager 5.0.0. Just last week he encountered problems with user tracking acquisition. From a total end hosts of 545 now it only sees 9 end hosts.I noticed that when I ran the "start UT acquisition" the pr...

The cw2k databases were accessible via de dbreader (http://<cw2kserver>.fqdn:1741/dbreader/dbreader.html) with the account dba in CWLMS 2.2. For CWLMS 2.5, has anyone successfuly retrieved data with the dbreader and how?

rdasiman by Beginner
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Hello all, have anyone had an issue with CW assistant?After i click on Server Setup under CW assistant, after couple minutes i'm getting an error message saying: Server discovery timed out. Please try again later. Do you know where can the problem be...

nordick26 by Beginner
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Hi, I can't start the Topology Services in Campus Manager and get an error message saying "Failed to initialize: java.lang.NumberFormatException:null" in the popup window.This was working in my standalone LMS 3.0.1 server deployment. However, it fail...

rwang by Beginner
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Resolved! LMS 3.0 requirment

I'm to write a business case for LMS 3.0 upgrade. I have read system requirement. but I hear also on real world different suggestion. I have almost 2800 Cisco devices switch and router. I have also close to 2500 Cisco access point. our end devices cl...