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Switch PBR working is not normal.

Hello Professionals,I have unexpected issue when applying PBR with my Cisco switch, but don't understand why this happened.First things First,   - Switch: C9300L-48P-4G-E   - Version: 16.12.4   - Image: CAT9K_IOSXEI have PBR policy and it applied to ...

eeebbunee by Beginner
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Resolved! PKA ping problem

I uploaded my pka file in zip here: tried to ping from the bottom right corner (KV_szerver) to the top left corner (E_PC), and it does not work properly. I think there is some problem o...

Prime Infrastructure site map wired devices

I can't seem to find this anywhere, hoping maybe someone else can shed some light. in the user guide, under site maps, there is a section that explains how to view wired devices associated to a site map. You go to that floor area, click tools in the ...

cmarva by Enthusiast
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Cisco WSA - not all traffic in logs?

Hi,I have a Cisco WSA S390 cluster up and running.On my monitoring system I have a Netflow sensor running for my ASA.For last night I see the IP address of the active member of the WSA cluster transferring a lot of data (50GB) with

hash2k2 by Beginner
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Resolved! Where should my default gateway be?

Hello Cisco Community,I'm new to networking. Where should my default gateway be on this topology for VLAN 10? I would like to be the default gateway. The firewall is my edge device. I'm guessing it's on the L3 switch because I don't belie...

Tom101 by Beginner
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Hi:Is there a document that explains or compares the difference between the 2960-TC-L vs the 2960-TC-S, LAN-BASE vs LAN-LITE?? Or can someone explain the difference in the ios features?Thanks

Phineas by Beginner
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DHCP pool

I have created a DHCP pool in Cisco 9300 switch and installed 22 Access point to using Wifi.But my issue is, 60 user is connected in access point but dhcp pool is getting full. new user unable connect to wifi.


NAT and ACLI was using not using ACL in my router before and IP NAT OUTSIDE was configured previously, after I configured ACL in the ethernet interface the user PC cannot to connect to internetCan someone help me explain what are the possible reasons...

Anantog by Beginner
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Time Based ACL

Hi guys, so I have 10 IPs to deny them from using the internet during office hours (0900 - 1800) on weekdays. These IPs are from different VLANs. How do I go about configuring them?ip dhcp excluded-address dhcp excluded-address 192.16...

Robyn by Beginner
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