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Resolved! EEM/TCL to SSH -l "show command" and ouput to terminal

Dear community,     Background information and Issue: IOS menu is used after an initial SSH session to the router. Switch interface status ouput is one of the options in the menu. Currently rsh is used to output this but telnet is required in the vty...

Resolved! EEM/TCL on router to automate tasks on connected switch on switch events (using SNMP)

Dear community,   I have yet another challenge and as much as I admire the possibilities with EEM and TCL. I am learning everyday and this technology is fairly new to me.   Goal: I would like to have a policy or applet running on the router, as the s...

EEM Script issues?

Hello, I am trying automate an  EEM Script to shutdown a BDI interface after all Controllers T1 interface's are disconnected. Pleas see attached config.   Thanks   event manager applet PRI-DOWNevent syslog pattern "%CONTROLLER-5-UPDOWN: Controller T1...

zr2lang by Beginner
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Cisco Prime upgrade 1.3.x to 3.1

Hi Guys,   I am about to upgrade cisco prime from to 3.1. I have limited knowledge on prime. And i about to use Inline Upgrade procedure.   After searching the path, i got is like below : - Patch to PI_1_3_0_20-Update.4-16.tar.gz - Upgrade to...

Can't delete Cisco PI Template

Hi community,   My Cisco PI got into stack. I have a bootstrap template that is applied to the PnP Profile. The problem is that I can't delete neither of them. Cisco PI does not allow to delete the PnP Profile, because there is Profile Instance which...

dosic by Beginner
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Display CPU Utilization

I have a basic question to cisco experts. Is it possible to display CPU Utilization at a particular time, like display cpu load only between 8pm to 8am? I know the command "show processes cpu history" display also a statics of cpu usages, but I want ...

motiar by Beginner
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