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Resolved! Problem with Track not being recognized by EEM (Event Manager Applet), not showing as "Tracked By"

So when I run "show track 2", nothing shows up as "Tracked By" even though it's the trigger for an EEM Applet, but my "show track 1" shows that it is being tracked by static routes.     I can see that the EEM App is not triggering / running (using it...

dblagbro by Beginner
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Device support Nexus 9K in Cisco PI 3.4

Hi all.   In PI 3.4 my devices N9K (N9K-C9236C   /   N9K-C93180YC-EX) are not supported. Where can I see the road map for the device support of these types? When will a new Device package be available?   Thx in advance for your answers.     Regards M...

mfilser by Beginner
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DCNM application start issue and cannot access DCNM web component in DCNM 10.4(2)

Hi All,   I have deployed DCNM 10.4(2) in a vCenter environment using an  OVF template and deployed as LAN,SAN and auto config mode. VM is deployed successfully but only LDAP and AMQP is started. When I tried to restart DCNM application it was not su...

3750 ports output

Hi gents   Just take  3750 for  testing and to play with when I initiate  Switch#show ip interface brief i get this output GigabitEthernet1/0/2  unassigned      YES unset  down                  down why I see GigabitEthernet1/0/2  instead of GigabitE...

Prime Infrastructure 3.0 and monitoring for c3750 Stackwise member boot failure

Hello, I'm curious if anyone has suggestions as to how I can enable active monitoring of stacks of 3750 switches in Prime Infrastructure 3.0 so that it will generate an alarm if a stack member fails to boot. We recently had a power outage that caused...

Resolved! What license needed to use the IP SLA tracking in Cisco 2911 (IOS v15) ?

I am using cisco 2911 router and system image file is c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.154-1.T1.bin I want to use ip sla monitoring to track the availability of my main gateway (default route to ISP1) and if it fails it will switch the default route to ISP2 ...

randms2610 by Beginner
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NTP Issue on Nexus 3548

I have configured a NTP server on a Nexus 3548: hq3548Xsw01# sho run | incl ntpntp server use-vrf managmentntp source-interface  mgmt0   However, the switch is not pulling time. I want the switch to act as a client only.  No authentication...

Resolved! Cisco 3750 Error Loading Flash Message

How can you remove the error loading flash message?  I have tried everything I can find and after the upgrade I still get the error.  Loading "" no such file or d...