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Dear Community,   I would have a short question to you. I'm currently configuring our new ASA-5508-X and wanted to connect the device to the internet. That means we do not want to use an additional router in between, but only the ASA device. In this ...

niLuxx by Beginner
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I have run into an SNMP issue when connecting a N2k FEX to a N5k switch. Prior to connecting the FEX, all interfaces on the N5k are found running snmpwalk against OID   Post connecting the FEX (two fibres in port channel) and con...

mmmhosk by Beginner
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I am familiar with finding unused ports in Cisco IOS but I am having trouble doing this in my Nexus 4000 Series. I have found commands such as show interface status or show interface counters... I am looking for something similar to the sh int accoun...

_Chris_ by Beginner
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Hey Guys,   I Just wondered if there was any best practice on how a server rack should be laid out?    This is with regards to supplier CPE, Layer 3 switches and access switches for end user connections... Is there any specific way this should be lai...

cknox1 by Beginner
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Hello All,   I have set up a RADIUS Server using Windows NPS is working fine for our Cisco 3750 and 2960 switches. But we add a Cisco SG 200 Switch, we cannot login to that switch via WEBui using a RADIUS account.   Please help. Below is the accounti...

john by Beginner
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