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When you do a sh int arp, you see the layer 3 IP address. You also see an "incomplete" next to the IP address, instead of the layer 2 MAC address. What incomplete mean?? How to resolve this issue??        sh ip arp | include  Internet ...

hakeem123 by Level 1
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Is there any way in Prime to schedule jobs in local time? It's making us use UTC time. Everything is working fine now, but when Daylight Saving Time starts again in a couple of weeks and time is moved forward an hour, won't everything be happening an...

i have a couple of of these and are trying to put them to use at home but are having some trouble resetting and communicating with them. basically:i use a crossover cable and putty to try and connect to the ap but i cant seem to get it into "config m...

kaspermv by Level 1
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Issue: I have bad NTP on my Nexus 5548 no matter what device I point it at. I pointed it at my GPS device to which it should see because I see the mac address of the GPS device when I do a sh mac add | in 254. I then pointed the Nexus 5548 at two oth...

i am looking for a EEM script which automatically updates the interface description. can anyone help me with the same., we have different models of Cisco Switches (2960s, 3850s, 3650s, 4500s and 6500s) switch A and switch B are connected together thr...

Althaf07 by Level 1
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Hi everyone, I want to upgrade my IOS for Cisco 1941 Series router. On the official site, there are 2 suggested version of IOS,15.7.3M4 MD and 15.6.3M6 MD. Which version shall I prefer, and please provide suggestions with pros and cons. Thanks,

Mubasshir by Level 1
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I have a router connected to an Internet line and have also configured "login on-success log". I am seeing many successful login attempts with no username on what seem like arbitrary port numbers. As this system is connected to the Internet there are...

I have Cisco ISR 1921 with input errors and over-runs.  The original interface G0/0 was showing the overruns and input errors and the recommended Cisco fix was to update the IOS as this was a bug.  The router was updated to running 156-1.T3.bin but I...

jaegerg by Level 1
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