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WLC Management permissions?

I have a WLC 2504 installed using VLANs.   Currently the management IP of the WLC is on a different subnet than my main IT workstation. I have poked a hole from my workstation specifically to the WLC and I can ping it but cannot connect to port 80/44...

MrDan by Beginner
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SNMP Polling from within a VRF

I have three routers where the Management interface was put into a separate VRF.They are all 2921s, running 15.2(4)M5, 15.3(2)T and 15.0(1r)M16.I have entered the command that I think is all I need to enable polling:     snmp-server host X.X.X.94 vrf...

EEM Ping several destinations Script

Dears, I need help to figure out what is wrong with my EEM applet script : Am in need to send by mail the result of ping to different destinations, the script is as below: event manager session cli XXXX event manager environment _email_from XXXXXeve...

mjaffal01 by Beginner
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ssh key does not match known_hosts

On an IOS-XE device, I compared the ssh key from "show ip ssh" with the key for the device stored in my known_hosts file, and I notice that key on my server has an additional two characters than what is listed on the switch. Anyone have any idea why ...

jmcgill298 by Beginner
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Cisco Prime 3.1 - Link down alerts

Hello, I started receiving these alerts from Prime for multiple switches in our network:   PI has detected one or more alarms of category Switches and Routers and severity Critical in Virtual Domain ROOT-DOMAIN for the following items: 1. Timestamp: ...

tstrode01 by Beginner
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