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Together with the Cisco Business 150AX, we introduced an extender.Using the Cisco Business Mobile application, after setting the AP of the CBW150AX, add the CBX151AXM by scanning the QR code in the same app, and turn on. (More than 10 minutes?) After...

Translator by Community Manager
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hello, please helpCan anyone help with the following case?when I create a new device on the cacti server it saysxxxx@cacti-explore:~$ snmpwalk -v3 -l authPriv -u xxxx -a MD5 -A 'xxxxx' -x AES -X 'xxxx' 1xx.x.x.xError in packet.Reason: authorizationEr...

I want to enable SNMPv3 on a Cisco router. I have managed to perform SNMP queries in v1 and v2c, but it is not working in SNMPv3. The server sending the requests is a Debian server.Could you please provide the commands to enter please ?

azerty800e by Level 1
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