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Resolved! How to upgrade Prime Infrastructure from 3.0.0 to 3.0.3 with Technology Package included

From Prime Infrastructure Software Update menu I want to upgrade from version 3.0.0 to the latest version 3.0.3. According to the screenshot below I need to install Technology Package 1.0.3 first and then install 3.0.3. And according to the screensho...

phi.aarde by Beginner
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Alarm Severity and Auto Clear

Good afternoon, I'm having an issue with CPI v3.0 and auto clearing alarms.  I'm trying to "reset" the auto clearing to default, and each time I try to do this, it goes back to the value that I manually set (1 hour).  Basically, I want to turn off th...

jlinkowsky by Enthusiast
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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2 API IP-Filter possible, Mac-Filter not possible

 I am trying to read out ClientDetails Info from Rest API The Commandcurl -k  -u rest_api:PWD "https://ciscoprime/webacs/api/v1/data/ClientDetails" returns <?xml version="1.0" ?><queryResponse type="ClientDetails" rootUrl="https://ciscoprime/webacs/a...

Resolved! Catalyst 3850 shown as WLC by Prime Infrastructure 2.1

Hello, In Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1 (  the Catalyst 3850 are treated as wireless controller. Is there a way to eliminate the minor alarm: "Config differences found between NCS and Controller" from being generated? The WS-C3850-24P  ...

EEM and TCL Policy grab debug message

Hi, i want to 1. make a EEM script that triggers a TCL script when it receives a specific debug message. 1. i want the TCL thats triggered to grab the Debug message. so for example, trigger TCL script when you get a debuge message that conatins STATE...

p3tter123 by Beginner
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Capturing output queue drops

I'm noticing the output queue drops on my 3850 has huge values across virtually every port. Is there a way I can trigger some sort of EEM script to dump the packets to a wireshark file when queue drops are detected on an interface so I can see what a...

Resolved! How remote site will use internet connection if primary service will not work

i have a question please see attached image i have three remote site 1,2,3 these are connected via MPLS cloud from DATA center 1 and DATA center 2 remote sites does not have direct internet connection they take this service from data center and DATA...