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I currently have a set of SLA monitors grouped together in a track group, with associated EEM applets that bring interface up or down if that track group changes. That _should_ mean that the TG and interface should always be in the same state, howev...

Hi All,  When my router boots up it copies the contents of startup-config into running config as expected ending with  13:22:34 GMT: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from memory by console However after this has happened the following commands are run, an...

zues78 by Level 1
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I have 8 Catalyst 2960X-24TS-L switches, all configured the same. 4 switches make up one network and 4 switches make up another. I have an Fluke analyzer that I connect to the networks to "see" what's out there. When I connect to the first network I ...

Hi I need to plug my external hd in to the usb ports on the router.  I have done that and cannot access my external hd.  All I have done is changed my router.  My old router automatically picked up the external hd and my new router does not.

Dan by Level 1
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Hello, we have a customer with a physical Cisco Gen 2 Prime Infrastructure Server and they want to generate reports of this type. To do that we have to turn on the Compliance Services feature from Administration > System Settings > Sever but this opt...

MUQ_1899_ by Level 1
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I am trying to upgrade my 3750 IOS. I have reset the switch already. I am following this tutorial. I can not connect to the tftp however... I do have the TFTP server on and set up the way the instructions say to set it up.  Here is a copy/paste from ...

WillaBamm by Level 1
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Hi.. I have been running Prime ver. 2.2.0 and I am new to this tool, I am not able to find below things. > Unable to find when last backup of network devices happened, where could I check this? > Unable to locate device config saved, please help to l...

Anukalp S by Level 1
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Hi All, We used to have Syslog Automated Action in LMS 4.2(Depending on the syslog messages, it will trigger one of the script files). Now we have migrated to Prime Infrastructure 2.0. Can you any one please advise how do I do the same in this? Thank...