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Does somebody know working grep command in ?I experience no output with TACACS+ Authorization, "show authentication sessions | grep -ie 'gi' " with a command authorization failure, the option -v never works, "show run | grep  -i 'interface'" o...

Resolved! EEM QoS event

Hi guys, I am couple weeks old now with an attempt for an EEM script to catch a QoS event. I have setup a basic interface policer on the Internet line: int_r2#show policy-map Policy Map BW_check Class class-default police cir 96000000 bc 3000000 con...

Dear All I have Router (Cisco 2811), it was working fine and now i am not able to SSH/Telnet to this Device. While trying to telnet or SSH it says "connection timed out; remote host not reponding". Please help with suggestion what could be the issu...

Hi All, I am looking for a command to see the current tcam fib utilization on a 7200, NPE-G1 router like "show mls cef maximum-routes" that we use on 7600 platforms.  I have searched extensively on internet but couldn't find the required information,...

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